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Privacy Policy
Since 13 February 2001, the law of the privacy is in effect (law from 8 december 1992) in Belgium. The use of this website means the acceptation from the following privacy policy and user agreement. VibezDotBE respects the privacy of his clients. This statement declares witch information we ask from u and how VibezDotBE deals with your information. VibezDotBE can ask you on certain pages, like on forms- and downloadpages, for your e-mail adres and personale name. With this information, we would like to have to possability to be able to reach out the our clients, when needed. With your authorization VibezDotBE will sometimes use the information providen by you for marketing use. For example anouncing some new stuff we've created, special offers and to inform u about updates about your product. When needed, VibezDotBE will give your information to organizations involved with VibezDotBE, only for the purpose submitted in the description. VibezDotBE will do their best to provide the safety of your information on our servers at any time for unwanted users, abuse or lostness. All the parties that have access to this personal information are submitted by secrecy and are not allowed to use the information for any other goal then been described in this policy. U're reserved by the right to view, change or remove your information, located on our server.

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